A Revolutionary Platform – An Interview with the Creator of Brains

Published Nov 12, 2021 3 min read
Christopher Poillon
MBA – Brains Founder & CEO

The goal of Brains is to make our Members money based on the unique future each Member foresees, not the future they prefer. Although we also provide the flexibility for you to build a portfolio with our funds that resonate with you most.

If you believe in a future with global warming, the funds we recommend for you will represent this vision of destruction and mayhem, like our Disaster and War Funds. If you would like to invest in more positive funds, however, you can go to the Build Your Own tab and select other funds like our Alternative Energy and Thriving World funds.

The founder of Brains, Christopher Poillon, began his career working for a leading bank in Hong Kong and China, and spent the years after learning more about investing on a global level: “For me, investing has never been about investing in companies, but rather investing in ideas, movements, and people.” Christopher created the Brains system based on a higher macro-economic global perspective, and then gamified the process to make investment a more enjoyable process.

Investing Based on Psychology & Vision

Brains was designed to look at the whole of a person – their view of the future world, personal interests, and lifestyle – and craft personalized portfolios unique to each person.

Christopher: “Why are all investment websites so boring and predictable? Why hasn’t anyone invented a platform that helps you invest how you see the future of the world?”

And so Brains was born, designed for every person, no matter what your beliefs and vision are… from those who envision a future utopian society on Mars, or streets filled with zombies.

A Global Community

Christopher has brought together experts in behavioral psychology, economics, finance, and technology to build a community investment platform where people can meet others to share their vision of the future and learn how to invest in a supportive environment.

To read more about the role economists play with Brains, read Matthew Kovach, PhD’s blog, Economists & Investing Based on World Events.” 

In the next year, Brains will continue to develop our Artificial Intelligence platform – read more about this exciting venture in our CTO (Chief Technical Officer) Mike Kenworthy, Ph.D.’s blog titled, Brains Exciting Venture into Artificial Intelligence.”