Brains Exciting Venture into Artificial Intelligence

Published Nov 13, 2021 3 min read
Mike Kenworthy
PhD, MBA – Brains CTO
Artificial Intelligence Illustration - Brains Investing

I’m sure that by now you have heard a great deal about Artificial Intelligence, AI for short, perhaps more than you would prefer. So bear with me a few minutes while I talk about our plan for AI in Brains.

For starters, by now everyone reading this has explored and used the World View assessment (if not, I strongly recommend that you do so.)  Just so you understand, each response on the row of five buttons corresponds to a number between 1 and 5. Pretty clever, huh? Basically, this numeric response is like a photon of a color that corresponds to your resonance with the associated question. When you have completed the responding to all questions, Deep Dive or Express, you have actually “painted a picture” of your World View. 

When you submit your World View “picture”, it is sent to the Brains server where it is interpreted much like your brain interprets an image and relates this image to the set of funds, aka the Recommended Portfolio, that is best aligned with your World View.  This is, in effect, a pseudo-neural network, not too distant from AI.

Based on our success with the World View pseudo-AI model, we have developed a strategy to create an AI capability based on deep learning that will serve as a personal Virtual Investment Advisor, affectionately referred to as Vic. In the future, every Brains Member will have a personal Vic that will provide individualized advice on ongoing trends and recommended investments. 

So, here’s where we are in the movie. We have set up a really large data repository called a Data Lake, where we will record just about everything that goes on inside the Brains environment. Things like threads in the Discussion Board, articles that are read in the Library, and Member investment activity. Also, data on how the computing infrastructure, such as server utilization, data storage, accesses to the databases, and other things used to provide the Brains services, will be captured and stored in the Brains Data Lake. Even though some of this may not make sense to you or me, the plan is to use AI techniques to comb through the Data Lake to discover features and events that relate to Members’ interests and concerns. This information and other data available on the Internet, such as events of interest, economic data, financial reports, and others yet to be defined, will then be used to train AI neural networks to identify trends, anomalies, and opportunities relevant to each Member’s profile and interests.

In order for this to be successful, we need a lot of data. That’s where you come in. I encourage all Members of Brains to participate in the community activities, such as the Discussion Board, and provide feedback to us to enable us to train Vic to work for you. This is going to be a challenge, and if you have a friend or know someone who has a background and interest in data science, tell them about us. Later this year, we will have openings for interns to help us in making Vic a reality.