Death and Taxes

Published Nov 6, 2021 1 min read
Christopher Poillon
MBA – Brains Founder & CEO

Since an individual account is a taxable account, you will typically owe some taxes every year on the money you earned from capital gains (the difference between the price you paid for a stock and price you sell the stock at) and dividends (companies often reward their stockholders with a little extra in good times).

Capital Gains Taxes

In cases where the stock being sold has increased in value since it was purchased, this “gain” is taxable. The good news is that any losses in cases like this offset those gains for tax purposes.

Taxation of Dividends

Brains funds consist of company stocks, many of which will offer dividends (typically quarterly). Most stocks and ETFs pay dividends, which are reported on your Form 1099-DIV.

Foreign Tax Paid

Brains travel funds are managed by fund companies which actually own stock in companies from other countries. These investments are purchased on foreign stock exchanges, not US stock exchanges, so they are subject to foreign taxes.