Investing Podcast for Millennials

Published Nov 18, 2021 read
Christopher Poillon
MBA – Brains Founder & CEO
Investing Podcast Episode - Brains Investing for Millennials

Investing Based on Psychology and Vision with Christopher Poillon

Brains CEO and Founder, Christopher Poillon, was featured on the Millennial Investing Podcast to talk about investing based on psychology and world views. The podcast is designed for millennials who want to know more about how to start investing. 

In this episode, Christopher talks to host Robert Leonard about:

  • Why you should invest based on your vision of the world
  • How to allocate your portfolio
  • Why you should consider adding international and emerging market exposure to your portfolio
  • Why investors ignore international and emerging market stocks
  • How to invest based on psychology and vision
  • And much, much more! 

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About Christopher Poillon

Christopher Poillon of Brains Investing

Christopher is the Founder and CEO of He’s also the author of Getting Started Investing in Emerging Markets (Wiley). Christopher started his career working for a British bank in Hong Kong and China. Since then, he has led people and projects on every continent except Antarctica, having directed people and resources in more than 50 countries on efforts with more than 1,000 personnel.